Monday, October 5, 2009

Reveal Your Brilliance - Quick Tips To Create Real Impact!

Have you ever made a presentation and had the horrible feeling of being ignored or disrespected?

Nonverbal or non-linguistic communication includes gestures, postures, facial expressions, and even the verbal inflections of the words that we use. The term verbal inflection refers to the musical qualities of the voice, such as the melody, tone, pitch, rhythm, volume, and pausing—basically the dynamics that we use when we speak.

Along with energetic transmission (emotional state of mind reflecting and often conflicting the verbal communication), non-linguistic communication can change the entire meaning of a given message. It supports, emphasizes, or contradicts what is being said. Multiple studies support this; some claim that over 80 percent of all communication is nonverbal or non-linguistic.

This means that you can be the most highly educated, super experienced expert in the world; if you don’t know how to communicate your knowledge, no one will take any notice. This is a great shame. It is also totally unnecessary as communication skills can be improved easily.

We all have to get up there sometimes in front of people and “perform”. When you teach coach or speak, you perform. When you pitch a project, present information, an opinion, an idea, a vision, or a creation to somebody, or attend a job interview, even go on a first date—essentially you perform. And you always have an objective. Whether you are looking to feed an emotional need (respect, recognition, love, etc.) or an outside results-oriented need (clinching a deal, pitching an idea or a project, etc.), you are looking for a result. Perhaps you want to create change or to educate, motivate, help or inspire people in some way. Perhaps you want them to take some sort of action. Whatever it is, you have something to “sell”.

Don’t hide your brilliance under a bushel. Begin nurturing your performer gene. Think about how you would like to see yourself in the ultimate role—YOU as the very best that you can be. If you suffer from performance anxiety and nervousness, simply take a first small step today to improve your skills and conquer your fears. You’ll be glad you did.

We all have some specialist knowledge or important messages to share. When we allow ourselves the freedom to do just that, we feel wonderful, excited and proud—we feel purpose and joy. And when WE feel it, other people do too, and they are drawn to us and compelled to listen with their ears AND hearts. Let your Soul shine its natural light onto the world. Fuel you message with passion and genuine conviction, and others will be convinced too.

People want to be inspired by someone they can connect with. Great communicators spend time and energy establishing rapport. They interact with the audience, pick up signals, and respond to them. They make the audience feel part of what they do. They come from a space of SHARING instead of SHOWING. They know that it is not about them, proving how good, perfect and knowledgeable they are—it’s about the audience and how THEY feel during and following the presentation.

Quick Tips To Create Real Impact…

• Practice being totally present whenever you speak.
• Practice total resonance and alignment between you and your message: say what you mean—mean what you say.
• View your audience as friends and speak to them accordingly—and they will regard you as their friend too.
• Show genuine interest in your audience—and your audience will show genuine interest in you.
• Share instead of show…
• Fuel your message with passion and real emotion—and you will move and inspire people beyond your words.
• Be authentic – don’t be afraid of being you.
• Celebrate what you are instead of regretting what you’re not.

Have a great week!

Suzann Rye.
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