Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YOUR Questions Answered AND a Couple of Freebies for You!

Ever since the launch of Your Voice Is Your Calling Card, e-mails have been pouring in from all over the world - many of you saying how much you appreciated the book AND the bonuses.

Thank you so much for that! I am SO immensely grateful for all your kind words and support.

I am also very grateful for all the NEW ideas, suggestions and questions that have been sent my way as well. A few of you commented that you really enjoyed the FAQ section of the book. You pointed out that you liked this way of very directly addressing specific questions.

This prompted me to follow up upon an idea that has been on my desk for long enough…

As you know I always make an effort to answer your questions when you send them to me. Sometimes this can keep me VERY busy. Especially in the months preceding and during the book campaign it became obvious that I would either have to hire more staff and stop answering all your mails personally or I could do this:

I am going to collect all your questions and develop an entire new book of specific questions answered. It will be an eBook with an index so you can click straight to the questions and answers that you are interested in.

I would love for ALL of you to be part of my new book. You do not HAVE TO have your name mentioned if you don’t want to but if you DO, I will mention you and your business too.

I know that you all have questions. I also know from experience that many of you have the same or similar questions. And I know for sure that we can all benefit from those questions AND their answers.

So here’s the deal...

Simply tell me what you need. I would LOVE to be able to cater for your specific needs and tailor make material that is really useful for you.

If you haven’t already, please send me YOUR questions.
Ask anything you want that you feel fit in the category of what I like to call ”Voice and Spirit.”

This category consists of two main types of questions:

1 There’s the ”practical” or technical type questions directly related to speaking, presenting, performing or voice technique…

2 And there’s the more spiritual and life related questions, often concerning personal freedom, creativity, energy work, energetic transmission, fear related issues, manifestation principles (Law of Attraction), authentic, powerful self expression and development.

Send me any type of questions you like. As you know, these things are all related and the more we understand that, the better and more powerful the results.

There can be no powerful Voice without a powerful Spirit and no Spirit will truly thrive without allowing the Voice to speak its truth.

Send your questions to

Free book excerpt for you…
To read a couple of examples taken from Your Voice Is Your Calling Card, Chapter 15 - Frequently Asked Questions - click here:

Extra SURPRISE Freebie for you there as well…

To your Joy and Success!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can We Be Our Unique Selves and Live in Abundance?

Can we be our unique selves, follow our hearts & have abundance and great things happen in our lives as a result?
Can we follow our passion and have great health, wealth and healthy relationships?

My good friend, ReGina Norlinde, author of "The Power of Being Different - Embrace Your Uniqueness" knows - WE CAN !!!
There is a way to do what makes our heart sing and live the life of our dreams. It’s not impossible, it doesn’t have to be hard, she says, and I couldn't agree more.

In her book, ReGina shares her personal journey of always feeling different, feeling like she never fit in, feeling like she was expected to be somebody else, and not knowing what her life purpose was. She shares how she has learned to embrace her uniqueness.

If you can relate to this - I certainly know that I can - I invite you to check out ReGina's new book. She offers you tools that can help you on your personal journey. She also encourages you to express your true self and live your life from your heart. Now, you know that this is something that is definitely really really close to my heart too.

Do you feel safe to be who you are no matter what happens? Have you found your life’s purpose? If not, what could be holding you back from embracing yourself and your talents?

“The Power of Being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness” explores how to reconnect with your true self. You’ll feel inspired to do so by reading this book, you’ll feel that it is safe to be different, it’s okay to be unique.
ReGina identifies the value of making our heart sing as well as steps which can be taken in order to embrace ourselves for who we are. She also provides tools to assist you on your path of self discovery. This book is full of amazing personal stories, thought provoking exercises, fun work pages and meditations.

How can we know if we have embraced our uniqueness or not?
ReGina explains: "Life is about having fun and enjoying all we do. Who we are is already there, why do extra work and create our pretend-selves? Having embraced our uniqueness is like having our heart sing at all times and in everything we do.”

You know that I'm ALL about embracing your unique self in order to have a powerful, authentic voice both physically and spiritually. This is why I feel that Regina's new book is so inspiring and important.

Learn the value of your uniqueness and value of making your heart sing. You’ll ultimately realize that it’s not worth it to follow others and try to fit in even if at times it might seem like the easiest thing to do.
Reading “The Power of being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness” you’ll awaken to your own power, your own uniqueness. You will reconnect with your true self and realize that there is nothing standing in the way of making your heart sing.

Thought provoking, entertaining & empowering - this book is a great tool for self-discovery.

If you order the book today you will receive FREE Gifts! (Including one from me;)
Visit for more information.

Be who you are and follow your heart - it is the most important job we are here to do.

To your Joy and Success!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New # 1 Bestseller by Yours Truly!

WOW! The official launch of my new book, Your Voice Is Your Calling Card is behind us, and boy did we do GREAT!

In less than 16 hours Your Voice Is Your Calling Card moved from its Monday position #500.789 at to #581 overall! That in itself is quite an achievement.

But that's not the big WOW...The big WOW was that the book rocketed to #1 in one category, and was at the same time, at it's best, ranked at #5 + #6 in two other categories!

It stayed #1 for over 36 hours and even now it is constantly shifting between #1 and #2!

I can officially call Your Voice Is Your Calling Card a #1 Bestseller!!
But this is not my achievement alone. I share it with all those wonderful people who helped and supported me throughout this exciting venture.

To all of those people I am eternally grateful. I cannot thank them enough for all the time and energy that each one of them contributed to making the launch and my book a huge success.

If you are one of those who supported me I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. If you bought my book already I THANK YOU too. You’ve made a great choice – I’m confident that you will really enjoy the book and experience wonderful results. Please let me know about your success. Share your story and serve as an inspiration for others following in your footsteps!

If you still haven’t picked up your copy, do it now – in fact, if you hurry, you might even be able to still pick up some of the absolutely AMAZING bonuses that my partners offered for the launch. I’ve asked them if they would keep their bonuses live for a few days extra and most of them agreed.
I have received several mails from people during the last couple of days telling me how much they appreciated the bonuses and how incredible they thought they were! And they're right. Check them out - they're awesome.

There’s a real buzz going on about the book right now. It seems to really resonate with a lot of people and I can understand why.
It simply aligns perfectly with the changing times and values. It is extremely practical and deeply spiritual at the same time and that is what most people need right now. They are getting g tired of rigid, rule-based and purely technically based approaches. They want Mind, Body, Soul—and Voice. Because they want proper, lasting results.

You know, millions of people suffer terribly from fear of speaking in public. As a result they never get the chance to truly shine and share their gifts and inspiration with the world. This is such a shame!

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Your Voice Is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence, and Speak with Joy, Ease, and Conviction offers a powerful, in depth, holistic approach to speaking and presenting in a strong, healthy, and authentic voice, physically AND spiritually.
If you’d like to discover your true potential as a powerful communicator, here’s your chance.

Speak from your heart to the hearts of others - reach out and share YOUR message!

Be a Powerful Voice!
Here’s where to go:


Much love to you,


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card - LAUNCH TODAY!!

Today is the launch of my long awaited book, Your Voice Is Your Calling Card;
How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence and Speak with Joy, Ease and Conviction!

I'm VERY excited, not least because we have already reached bestseller status and it's still early hours. I have teamed up with a host of AMAZING people, teachers, coaches and experts all of whom have contributed to the launch with TOP value bonus gifts! If you get your copy TODAY, June 9, you will get over 40 free gifts (over $ 3800 value) for immediate download.

Go see:

Below is a sample chapter from my book. Enjoy!

Make Friends with Your Voice

You’ve heard the expression that "the eyes are the windows to your soul"?
Well, for a speaker—indeed anyone needing to present or express something to a crowd of people:
Your voice is your calling card.

Your voice is very personal. It is a direct expression of who you are. It is the most direct medium for communication—the immediate link between you and your audience. It is a powerful tool that you can use to communicate strong, poignant messages in a way that will grab the attention of your peers,
colleagues, bosses, etc. You carry it with you at all times, honed and ready—so make the best of it!
If you haven’t done so already, make friends with your voice. If you do, your voice will pay you back tenfold. It will open new doors for you and change how other people regard you.

You see, the way you present yourself and the way your voice carries your message across are crucial to how you are perceived, no matter what the actual content of your message is. Regardless of your expertise, you need to be convincing to be taken seriously. If you are not convincing, nobody will be interested in your presentation; it’s that simple!
Just like any other instrument, if you play it well, you can play any tune and people will listen.
But play without conviction, and you will find yourself time and again playing even the most popular tune in the world to an empty room.

So what does it take to develop the necessary skills? How can you move from good to great; from bundle of nerves to comfortably, even astoundingly confident; and from your current skill level to inspiring, powerful, compelling, and convincing?
Since you’re here, you’ve already taken the first and most important step: you have begun exploring the possibilities. The rest of the journey may be easier than you think.

However far along the road you may be, know this: there is no such thing as a bad voice. But there are such things as bad posture, shallow breathing, and tension which can influence your voice and prevent it from doing its job! Take a few simple steps and your voice will already be a lot happier.
A seemingly little, weak, and breaky voice is rarely a chronic, physical problem, although it may seem that way. Voice problems arise mainly from insecurities leading to restrictions. Sure, they manifest physically, and they do seem very real—and sometimes they can be. But it is rarely as bad as it seems.

Much of basic voice training consists of teaching people not to be afraid of their own voice, not to be afraid of volume, and to relax—to set their voice free again. Your voice is a wonderful palette of colors that you can infuse in your language and use to captivate others. Use it. You have to allow your voice to work its magic.

Have you ever wondered why screaming kids and small babies never get hoarse or lose their voices for just five blissful minutes? Have you been amazed at how a tiny newborn can make so much noise for so long? Let me tell you why: because they don’t hold back. They simply allow the body, including the voice, to do what it’s supposed to do, without interfering. They just scream as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Well, guess what? It is!

Babies’ breathing works perfectly, and they do not strain their voices, for they have not yet learned to hold themselves back. They have not yet learned that it is “bad” or inappropriate to be loud. Once they start learning “how to behave” and certainly once they’re halfway through school, that all changes and they start getting the same voice problems as the rest of us because part of social conditioning, unfortunately, is learning how to hold yourself back—how not to be too self-expressive!

This may come as a surprise to you, but because of this conditioning, the older and more self-conscious we become, the more dysfunctional we tend to become as well. Is this a strong claim? Sure it is, but just think about it for a second. How often has somebody asked you or told you to be quiet at times of blissful self-expression? Maybe as a kid on the bus or train (perhaps listening to your favorite music wearing headphones) or somewhere else in public. Maybe at times you found yourself happily crooning away in the shower or perhaps while doing the dishes. Do comments like “Do you mind?” or “Don’t give up your day job” sound familiar?

People often comment without even thinking. Maybe they mean what they say; maybe they don’t. It doesn’t matter. Comments like that may seem harmless at the time, but often they aren’t. They frequently seem to haunt us much more than we are aware of—certainly much more than we’d care to admit.
What a great shame that is!

Over the years, many people have come to me claiming that they had a bad, abnormal, or horrible-sounding voice. This is rarely the case, of course. Nevertheless, they seem convinced!
Somebody told them, you see.

Do not listen! Refuse to be limited by other people’s meaningless comments or mindless critiques. Express yourself freely and creatively, and pay no attention to other people’s opinions unless they have some genuine, positive, constructive advice to offer—something that is useful to you. (Well, unless it’s 4:00 in the morning and you’re keeping your neighbor awake!)

I always encourage my singing students to work freely and unrestricted, to play with their voices and allow them to come out. You should do the same.
Explore your voice. Be bold. Be loud if you want. It’s all about expression.
Speaking—sharing your message with other people—can be a wonderfully empowering and fulfilling experience. Don’t allow it to be a painfully awkward and terrifying struggle.
It is a privilege to be able to express yourself, your views, your knowledge, and your wisdom—to have the opportunity to share information with other people. Enjoy that privilege.

Get familiar with your voice, overcome the first barriers, and open the floodgates! Allow yourself to speak with vitality, passion, excitement, and conviction!
It is all yours to have. It is a matter of small adjustments.
You can easily and quickly make friends with your voice.
Everyone can.

Chapter 1, taken from Suzann Rye’s new book, Your Voice is Your Calling Card.
Your Voice is Your Calling Card is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a holistic approach to becoming a much more confident, authentic, inspiring, compelling and charismatic speaker and presenter.
It contains a wealth of knowledge and countless easy to apply tools.
It is both extremely practical and deeply spiritual.
Simply Mind, Body, Soul and Voice.

Order you own copy of Your Voice Is Your Calling Card within the next 24 hours and receive over $ 3800 in bonus gifts from leading in self development, coaching, spirituality, speaking and communication!

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