Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YOUR Questions Answered AND a Couple of Freebies for You!

Ever since the launch of Your Voice Is Your Calling Card, e-mails have been pouring in from all over the world - many of you saying how much you appreciated the book AND the bonuses.

Thank you so much for that! I am SO immensely grateful for all your kind words and support.

I am also very grateful for all the NEW ideas, suggestions and questions that have been sent my way as well. A few of you commented that you really enjoyed the FAQ section of the book. You pointed out that you liked this way of very directly addressing specific questions.

This prompted me to follow up upon an idea that has been on my desk for long enough…

As you know I always make an effort to answer your questions when you send them to me. Sometimes this can keep me VERY busy. Especially in the months preceding and during the book campaign it became obvious that I would either have to hire more staff and stop answering all your mails personally or I could do this:

I am going to collect all your questions and develop an entire new book of specific questions answered. It will be an eBook with an index so you can click straight to the questions and answers that you are interested in.

I would love for ALL of you to be part of my new book. You do not HAVE TO have your name mentioned if you don’t want to but if you DO, I will mention you and your business too.

I know that you all have questions. I also know from experience that many of you have the same or similar questions. And I know for sure that we can all benefit from those questions AND their answers.

So here’s the deal...

Simply tell me what you need. I would LOVE to be able to cater for your specific needs and tailor make material that is really useful for you.

If you haven’t already, please send me YOUR questions.
Ask anything you want that you feel fit in the category of what I like to call ”Voice and Spirit.”

This category consists of two main types of questions:

1 There’s the ”practical” or technical type questions directly related to speaking, presenting, performing or voice technique…

2 And there’s the more spiritual and life related questions, often concerning personal freedom, creativity, energy work, energetic transmission, fear related issues, manifestation principles (Law of Attraction), authentic, powerful self expression and development.

Send me any type of questions you like. As you know, these things are all related and the more we understand that, the better and more powerful the results.

There can be no powerful Voice without a powerful Spirit and no Spirit will truly thrive without allowing the Voice to speak its truth.

Send your questions to

Free book excerpt for you…
To read a couple of examples taken from Your Voice Is Your Calling Card, Chapter 15 - Frequently Asked Questions - click here:

Extra SURPRISE Freebie for you there as well…

To your Joy and Success!