Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can We Be Our Unique Selves and Live in Abundance?

Can we be our unique selves, follow our hearts & have abundance and great things happen in our lives as a result?
Can we follow our passion and have great health, wealth and healthy relationships?

My good friend, ReGina Norlinde, author of "The Power of Being Different - Embrace Your Uniqueness" knows - WE CAN !!!
There is a way to do what makes our heart sing and live the life of our dreams. It’s not impossible, it doesn’t have to be hard, she says, and I couldn't agree more.

In her book, ReGina shares her personal journey of always feeling different, feeling like she never fit in, feeling like she was expected to be somebody else, and not knowing what her life purpose was. She shares how she has learned to embrace her uniqueness.

If you can relate to this - I certainly know that I can - I invite you to check out ReGina's new book. She offers you tools that can help you on your personal journey. She also encourages you to express your true self and live your life from your heart. Now, you know that this is something that is definitely really really close to my heart too.

Do you feel safe to be who you are no matter what happens? Have you found your life’s purpose? If not, what could be holding you back from embracing yourself and your talents?

“The Power of Being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness” explores how to reconnect with your true self. You’ll feel inspired to do so by reading this book, you’ll feel that it is safe to be different, it’s okay to be unique.
ReGina identifies the value of making our heart sing as well as steps which can be taken in order to embrace ourselves for who we are. She also provides tools to assist you on your path of self discovery. This book is full of amazing personal stories, thought provoking exercises, fun work pages and meditations.

How can we know if we have embraced our uniqueness or not?
ReGina explains: "Life is about having fun and enjoying all we do. Who we are is already there, why do extra work and create our pretend-selves? Having embraced our uniqueness is like having our heart sing at all times and in everything we do.”

You know that I'm ALL about embracing your unique self in order to have a powerful, authentic voice both physically and spiritually. This is why I feel that Regina's new book is so inspiring and important.

Learn the value of your uniqueness and value of making your heart sing. You’ll ultimately realize that it’s not worth it to follow others and try to fit in even if at times it might seem like the easiest thing to do.
Reading “The Power of being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness” you’ll awaken to your own power, your own uniqueness. You will reconnect with your true self and realize that there is nothing standing in the way of making your heart sing.

Thought provoking, entertaining & empowering - this book is a great tool for self-discovery.

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Be who you are and follow your heart - it is the most important job we are here to do.

To your Joy and Success!