Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Masha Malka's new book!

Hi everyone!
How are you today?

I am great. I just came back from Mark Victor Hansen MEGA Speaking Empire Seminar and it was a blast! You would not believe the quality of speakers that Mark had managed to gather this time. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Mark’s seminars, you should. I will make sure to let you know about the next one.

Anyway, today I’m writing for another reason.
I want to tell you about an amazing friend and colleague of mine, Masha Malka.

Masha has helped thousands of people transform their lives through her teachings and her books.
Today, Tuesday November 12th, you have the opportunity to get her newest book, The One Minute Coach; change your life one minute at a time, and enjoy 91 free gifts on top!

Masha has gathered 91 incredible experts, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and coaches as well as some modern day luminaries Wayne Dyer, Chris and Janet Atwood, Ken Foster, and me.
We are all here to show you new ways to transform your life and achieve more of your dreams faster than ever before and truly live the best life you possibly can.

With this kind of amazing support from your peers it’ll be well worth checking Masha’s work out.
Go see here:

The One Minute Coach; change your life one minute at a time addresses the very reasons why people stop themselves from being all they can be and enjoying the success they dream of. It is perfect for anyone who is ready to discover how to build the kind of life they want.

Masha is not someone who just talks about success and achievement, she walks her talk. As a 17 year old refugee she lost everything to flee to freedom and become a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, wife and mother. Find out how she did it. Masha shares powerful information that took her from complete exile to now enjoying a successful business and a fulfilling home life.

You know, I believe with all my heart people have the power to achieve amazing things in their life. I also believe many people may WANT to achieve something, yet, for countless reasons – do not. More times than not, they don’t realize how very simple it really is to achieve their dreams.

Masha is the perfect example of someone who took chances and had the courage to pursue the life of her dreams. Find out her formula for fulfilling your dreams in The One Minute Coach; change your life one minute at a time.

Get it here:

And listen, here’s another great thing: If you get her book today you will also be helping two very important organizations. Habitat for Humanity and Friend of Chabad of Southern Spain Charity that assists children of special needs, families in need, as well as religious and communal cultural programs and events.

Go here now for all the details. I promise you, you've got literally nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

To your success and as always; all the very best to you,


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P.P.P.S. Don’t forget, if you buy the book today, you are helping two very worthy organizations.

P.P.P.P.S. If you are currently receiving my free lessons I hope you are enjoying yourself and learning lots of great stuff.
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