Sunday, October 11, 2009

For the Greater Good

I love helping people find their own voices. To me that mean recognizing their life purpose and doing and communicating whatever they are passionate about!

Because people who follow their bliss and live out their life purpose are not selfish, or self-centered people, as perhaps some would have you believe. On the contrary, by being true and respectful towards their own needs and desires, they build the energy to share freely and generously of their joy and gratitude with other people too. They believe in passing it on so that we can all share in the collective, unlimited Good that is abundant – if we dare seek it.

Living our life purpose keeps us aligned with our Higher Selves. When we allow ourselves to bask in the magnificent glory of who we truly are; we feel happy. Our entire Being resonates with joy and our Spirit sings.

We all go through rough patches in our lives. We all face challenges – sometimes so many or so tough that we feel beaten down. Sometimes giving up on our dreams and desires seems like the easiest choice. But it’s not - neither for us nor the people around us.

People who have given up and left their Souls to suffer in silence have little left to offer themselves let alone others - and their contribution to the overall Good wanes. This is the beginning of all ends. This is how wars are started; people feeling powerless and in despair.

If you think that your dreams and passions are not worthy or important enough to pursue - do it anyway. If not for you, do it for your kids, your friends and loved ones, your colleagues and neighbors. Do it for the Greater Good.
Because when you do, you are making a valuable contribution to the world and everyone around you. You are spreading the love, the joy and the bliss around, and we all get a piece.

Sing your song…


Suzann Rye
Empowering Voice and Spirit
Holistic Voice Performance Communications & Life Coach
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There can be no powerful Voice without a powerful Spirit and no Spirit will truly thrive without allowing the Voice to speak its truth.

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