Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing Through Changes…

Making great changes in our lives can be challenging - not least for the people around us who suddenly need to make changes in their perception of us too, as a friend of mine experienced recently:

After years of being very overweight, insecure, and unhappy, Stephanie decided that this was it! She wanted something better for herself.

Although turning her life around in such a major way seemed an overwhelming task, her daily frustration was even more overwhelming. She had to do something.

She decided to give herself a complete makeover - body, mind, and Soul. She took small steps every day and gradually started to change. She got involved in all sorts of new, exciting things, including sports for the first time ever. Her overall lifestyle improved. She soon became much healthier and happier, and started losing the excess weight that had been troubling her so. After a while, she met someone, fell in love, and got involved in a relationship for the first time. Stephanie had truly turned her life around.

You would think that her friends and family would be supportive and over-the-moon happy for her. Not so. One day she came over and seemed not her usual chirpy self. When I asked her what was wrong, she burst into tears. She was so disappointed, she said. Both her sister and her best friend found it hard to cope with her new-found happiness. She felt as if suddenly they didn’t like her anymore, as if her changing somehow upset them.

Sometimes when we move forward in our lives it can be difficult for people around us to understand. If we lift our energy and they stay in the old vibration, an imbalance or disharmony can occur. Our friends or family members may subconsciously try to hold us back because they resist change and would like things to remain the way they were. Human beings are creatures of habit - they naturally like to hold on to what they know.

As we grow and evolve as human beings, we cannot always expect to grow in the same direction as the people around us. Sometimes friendships outrun their course and their purpose. However, in most cases our friends just need time to adjust. Perhaps they need reassurance that our changing won’t take anything away from them - in fact, they may very well benefit from it.

Stephanie decided to have a long heart-to-heart talk with her sister. She told her she loved her and needed her support. When her sister no longer felt that their relationship was threatened, she was able to share Stephanie’s happiness. She was even inspired to make some positive changes in her own life.


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