Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stop Arguing - Start Being...

I’m often frustrated when people tell me how they are not able to do or be what they want to do or be because of someone else – often because this "someone else" does not want them to…
My first thought is always, “why do you allow someone else to dictate what you can and can't do"?
But then I'm quickly reminded how we all tend to sometimes fall into that trap. It can be very challenging to stand up for our own beliefs and even more challenging to follow our dreams in the face of outside resistance.

Coming from a musician’s background, I know firsthand what it's like to meet skepticism and resistance when you embark on a journey that seems unusual and perhaps somewhat "unrealistic" to many. Mostly the resistance comes from a very well-meaning place. Friends and relatives want what's best for you so making choices that could be considered out of the ordinary and perhaps lack the immediate sense of security that other, more traditional paths seem to offer, naturally tends to provoke resistance and fear. Our "lofty" dreams are easily dismissed as "insensible".
But in truth, nothing is more insensible than working against our own grain. Sooner or later our Spirit will rebel. The Little Voice inside of us will speak louder and louder and eventually we will have to listen. We can postpone the calling of our Soul - but if we think that we can shut it up for good, we are in for a surprise! Your Soul will never give up on you.

So now beckons the question; do we give up on our dreams and desires and live with the constant arguing in our head for the rest of our lives...or do we simply allow the Little Voice to speak its truth and align ourselves with its message once and for all?
Do we give in to our surroundings, our parents, our beloved friends and relatives and follow their advice to stay put in the safety of our known territory - or do we muster the courage to heed our special Calling and venture out into the unknown in pursuit of our Destiny and a peaceful inner life in harmony and alignment with our Soul's true nature?

The only way to live in peace is to stop arguing and start being who we really came into this earthly existence to be. It is far easier to face a few conflicts along the way with other people than facing a lifelong conflict with yourself. When the people around you realize that the choices your made were right for you after all, they will come round. You might even inspire them to take a fresh look at their own choices.

Have the courage to be and do what’s right for you. Believe that you have something worthwhile to do and share with the world, and your Soul will thank you and bring you rewards beyond anything you thought possible.
To your journey.

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Suzann Rye

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