Friday, September 18, 2009

Live Life Fully - Chose Courage Over Fear!

In my work as a Coach there is one issue that always seem to come in at the top of the list and that is FEAR. There’s a long list of common fears. Most boil down to fear of not being loved, accepted or “good enough”.

Fear has prevented many great things from coming from many great people. Fear creates resistance to change and progress. It prevents us from expressing who we really are and sharing what we have to offer. It creates jealousy and resentment and tricks us into believing that we are somehow less fortunate or less able. Fear makes us feel powerless, gives us excuses not to act and keeps us from pursuing our dreams, follow our hearts, live life fully, and journey courageously toward our goals. “Better safe than sorry,” we think. Better protect ourselves from disappointment and “failure”!

This is all very convenient—but not very productive and certainly not very fulfilling. If we would instead face our fears head-on, we would feel a lot happier and achieve much more.

We all have different emotional baggage that manifests later on in life—often when and where we least expect it and often in disguise. We can be deeply affected by fear even when we don’t see a direct connection to the real issue behind it at the time. The good news is; we’ve all been there. We’ve all been scared—and survived! When your world is collapsing around you and panic strikes; remind yourself that you are not alone. Others have gone before you and have learned that even the scariest or most embarrassing moment ever eventually becomes just another brick in the wall, making it even stronger.

Many great men and women have achieved great things because they chose courage instead of fear. When you hear or read about people like that, you might think, “I’m not like them” - but you are. Deep down you will recognize a sense of excitement and inspiration. That is your Soul reminding you that achieving great things is possible. Hold on to that feeling. Remain inspired and empowered by these wonderful tales from the realm of unlimited possibilities. Remind yourself that fear is just a feeling—and feelings can be changed.
Live life fully—chose courage over fear!

To your courage.
Love, S

Suzann Rye
Voice and Spirit; Holistic Voice Performance & Communications Coach
#1 Bestselling Author of Your Voice Is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence, and Speak with Joy, Ease, and Conviction

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