Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi guys,

Today I want to share an experience with you that I just wrote about in my weekly eZine. Nothing hugely profound really, just a couple of thoughts worth mentioning.

As you probably know by now I am in lovely Denmark, the country where I grew up. I am conducting a healing retreat with a close friend.

During my stay here, I have been shying away from the computer almost all together, leaving only Mondays to stay in touch with you, my community, friends etc.
You see, one of MY own personal objectives during this quiet time was to “conquer” what I would term my “my increasingly alarming computer addiction”, or better still, “my other-worldly existence”…

I realized that since my book launch in June, which required a constant strong online presence, a huge part of me simply remained in the virtual world of cyber space. My new existence had gradually engulfed me, and had become almost more “real” than my physical surroundings…It was eating away too much of my time and affecting my creativity (and without my creativity, I haven’t got anything to share on the internet anyway) Hmmmmm!

The Internet with all its trimmings is a wonderful thing, no doubt. It gives us so much access, so many opportunities to connect and make things happen on a global scale. It saves us time.
But it also steals of our time, unless we find an appropriate balance for ourselves between “the old and the new”, the “real and the virtual”.

I literally live and operate in several countries. Most of my clients, my coaching course, my radio show etc. are in the US - but I live in Europe most of the time. So I appreciate and quite honestly DEPEND on the Internet for both my work and my social life. However, for the last couple of weeks I have been joyfully reminded that the world still stands the next day, and the next, if I (horror!) leave my computer shut, if I don’t check my mails every day and respond immediately etc etc.

What a relief! I’m not THAT important – but “important” enough to still be around and have a place in the world even if I’m not available online 24/7!

Ahhhhhhh, time for cuppa tea and then maybe a good long walk along the coast afterwards, and then maybe…

Now that you're here, I'd like to share with you about this Week's - Your Voice Is Your Calling Card - Show on Real Coaching Radio Network, Tuesday 1 pm (13:00) EST/19:00 CET.
Tuesday's topic: It’s Your Time to Shine!

This week’s guest is Sandra Zimmer, the founder of Self-Expression Center in Houston, Texas and author of It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Heart

Sandra Zimmer is the founder of Self-Expression Center in Houston, Texas and the author of It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Heart. She is also my guest on Tuesday.

Like me, Sandra has a relentless passion for helping people conquer fears and stage fright. Sandra's passion has lead her to become one of America’s foremost leading experts in the field of fearless, authentic self-expression and communication. Join us for an exciting conversation and shine YOUR light – it’s time!

If you feel that it’s Your Time to Shine too, then check out Sandra’s wonderful book of that same name. Details and direct Amazon link below.
It's Your Time to Shine on

People with fear of public speaking have the potential to shine as compelling speakers because they have strong feelings! In this book, Sandra Zimmer shares her unique method to transform stage fright into authentic presence and develop a natural style of speaking. This book sheds new light on the #1 fear. It allows you to see stage fright and fear of public speaking, not as something wrong with you, but as a sign of your sensitivity which you can tap to help you speak from passion and make a difference in the world. It helps you become confident to speak in groups and presentations so you are free to share your ideas, insights and expertise. Gain understanding of what happens in your mind and body during stage fright. Find out how to free the tension and be comfortable in your skin. Learn to develop an authentic presence that holds the attention of others, make genuine connection and speak from your heart to engage and compel others to listen. Learn to let yourself shine!

If you’d like to know more about Sandra’s work, please join us on Tuesday for a full hour of tips and insights AND the opportunity to read a FREE chapter of It’s Your Time to Shine before deciding if this is the right approach/book for you. Get it here: It's Your Time to Shine on

To your Joy and Success!

Suzann Rye
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