Monday, November 23, 2009

Affirmative Synchronicity

Hi guys,

Today as I am writing this I am in total awe. It never ceases to absolutely thrill and amaze me how things always seem to work out in perfect synchronistic order.

As you know, I am in Denmark conducting a healing retreat with a close friend of mine. We are relaxing, talking, meditating, and much more. It is bliss.
We are using the wonderful teachings of Louise Hay as the basis for many of our guided meditations and affirmation exercises. The material is second to none – what an amazing woman she is! We have also been watching “The Shift”, a new movie from Hay House, based on the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer and featuring Wayne as the main character. It’s an awesome film – you MUST watch it along with “You Can Heal Your Life – The Movie” from Louise Hay.

Anyway, here’s the incredible thing: Being so totally preoccupied and engulfed in this space, I realized yesterday that I hadn’t booked a guest for my radio show on Tuesday (tomorrow)!
Oh well, I thought, I’ll just talk about all the wonderful things that were doing here, about how to use meditation and positive affirmations as part of ANY process where you’d like to see improvement. (If you’ve ever read any of my books, attended any of my workshops or seminars, or in other ways worked with me, you know how much I generally value and emphasize on these tools and principles). I would also introduce Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer’s work to my listeners and talk about their pioneering Spirits. Yes, that would make an excellent show!
Still, I had the distinct feeling that the perfect guest for the show would turn up last minute...
(I must have affirmed it, lol)

I posted a note on Facebook explaining my momentary absence from the virtual world, and added a short remark about the Wayne Dyer Movie. One of my Facebook friends commented back that she too had just seen that movie AND had been fortunate enough to meet the man himself afterwards! She had been in Tampa, Florida over the weekend attending the “I Can Do It” conference with, guess who… Louise Hay, whom she, of course, met as well (picture of her and Louise on Facebook). She would love to come on my show and talk about it!
Now, how’s that for Synchronicity in Motion (Title of my next book). I LOVE it. What an exciting talk we will have on Tuesday, I do hope you’ll join us.
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This week it’s all about affirmations so we are featuring the work of one of the ultimate pioneers in this field, Spiritual Author and Teacher, Louise Hay + another Hay House Author and teacher, Wayne Dyer.

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Meeting Louise And Wayne, And How Their Powerful Work Has Influenced Mine!
My guest Life Purpose Teacher Wendy Blum just returned from the Louise Hay “I Can Do It” conference in Florida where she met with the greats. She’ll be on the show to tell you all about it - don’t miss out!

2 Just a Thought...
Tips, tools & inspiration for powerful, authentic living, speaking & communication.

This week: How And Why To Use Affirmations
Positive aļ¬ƒrmations are positive thoughts or statements that are repeated over and over. As you repeat them and infuse them with real emotion and passion, they go directly to your subconscious mind, where they begin to manifest as your reality. Enjoy this brief but very effective introduction into the use of affirmations.

3 I Recommend...
Two incredibly inspiring films from Hay House, The Shift (Wayne Dyer) & You Can Heal Your Life – The Movie (Louse Hay) + You Can Heal Your Life, the classic, original cornerstone book by Louse Hay. Read more and get the direct links.

4 Quote(s) of The Day...
Please enjoy today’s "extended version" of the quotes section. As I looked up my favorites quotes from Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer I realized that I would NEVER be able to limit myself to just a couple… Here are 12 wonderful nuggets of wisdom, six from each… Pure inspiration.

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To your Joy and Success!

PS. One more post to come later today, don’t miss your chance to enjoy this brief but very effective induction into the powerful use of focused affirmations.

The Shift (Wayne Dyer)
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Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life – The Movie
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The Book: You Can Heal Your Life

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