Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Interactive Learning Community

New Interactive Learning Community Launches Live Online Breakthrough Courses

myRxforLiving.com, an online learning and coaching center has begun accepting registrations for its Fall 2009 Breakthrough Courses.

About my Rx for Living:myRxforLiving.com provides live fee-based online courses for self improvement in the areas of career, health, spirituality, personal finance and relationships with free access to its life coaching and goal setting system and community.

New & Exclusive! LIVE Online "Your Voice is Your Calling Card" Breakthrough Coaching Experience:

Utilizing a high-speed Internet connection, an interactive video, voice, and text communication interface and highly qualified and respected course leaders, the company provides live online courses for individuals’ self-improvement.
The four to six week educational seminars focus on a wide variety of subjects for anyone needing a personal breakthrough in the areas of career, health, spirituality, personal finance and relationships. With the guidance of course leaders, goal setting and life planning tools and a like-minded personal development community, members and course attendees can incorporate a supportive learning environment into their daily lifestyle.

“Everybody gets stuck in life,” says my Rx for Living co-founder, Adam Christopher, about my Rx for Living’s ‘Breakthrough’ approach to personal success. “We wanted to create an Educational Institute on the Internet to help people unlock their true potential and realize their aspirations. We do this through the knowledge and leadership of our experts and the support of our community and goal setting tools.”

In addition to the online sessions, enrolled members have unlimited access to learning materials, course updates, tools and their course leaders for one full year via the site’s online coaching system and e-mail.

“We have created a technology and course platform that makes it possible for everyone to manage their energy, not their time, to accomplish lasting personal change.” says Vice President of Marketing Steve Toth. “This environment gets
everyone on the site to be engaging, invigorating, joyful, confident, challenged and connected to community.”

Membership for the online interactive coaching center is FREE. Members can join the community at no cost and utilize myRxforLiving.com’s goal setting and life planning tools. In addition, complimentary access to self-improvement videos, audios, forums, articles and the Professional Expert directory is included.

For Fall 2009, members can now register for the following fee-based courses:
Your Voice is Your Calling Card, course leader Suzann Rye;
Be a Radio Show Superstar, course leader Coach Steve Toth; Get Busy Living, course leader Jimmy Petruzzi; Lose Weight Feel Great, course leader Sara Lou-Ann Jones; Conscious Sexuality, course leaders Victor Gold and Aimee Lyndon-Adams and The Science of Higher Purpose -101., course leader Lily Finch. A wide array of additional Breakthrough Courses and Professional Experts will be featured in the months and years ahead.

Check it out! http://bit.ly/R5FbH