Sunday, May 10, 2009

Attention Bold Women!

Hi Guys - Good Sunday to you!

My friend Aprille has set up an amazing web event that you MUST join, especially if you are a BOLD woman or if you aspire to be one ;)

The event called In Praise of Bolder Women! It runs in May 2009, in fact it has already started but there is still LOADS to come, so don’t miss out, it really is quite exciting AND it’s absolutely FREE!
Wee heeeh!!

Aprille asks: Isn't it time you brought your dream to life?

What we as women do, how we feel, what we talk about and give our attention to permeates and shifts the energy around us. As Bolder Women (45+) we have the energy, the resources, the wisdom and the moxie to shift the world around us for the better.

Our generation is not like our mothers' generation. We are in the prime of our lives and possess the power to take action on what's important to us on a deeply personal level.

Why do I believe it's so important for women to take action on their dreams?
Because we are influencers. There's a reason we all smile at the old saying "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." We recognize the underlying truth of it. We understand the power of influence.

I believe that, if enough women take action on what's important to them on a deeply personal level, we can create our own version of Global Warming - in the very best sense. There is the very real possibility that the underlying paradigm of our culture will shift from competition to cooperation.

Join Aprille and me + a host of other Bold Women in May to explore how to get into action!

Some of the Bold Women that you will meet are: Kathleen Gage, Michele Wright, Kim Fulcher, Heidi Richards, Dotsie Bregel, and Laura Hollick!

Join these Bolder Women as they share their journey and wisdom with you.
Find inspiration for your own dreams on these free webcasts.

Find it here:

To Your Bold Joy and Success!


PS I will be there too. Join me on May 26, where I will be sharing some of my story with you.


Aprille said...

Just hosted Suzann's call and it was wonderful! She is definitely a bold and wise woman. If you missed the interview you can get the recording by registering at

And I've previewed Suzann's book. If you want to get into bold action the best place to start is by re-claiming your voice. Suzann explains how in this book so be sure to get your copy.

Suzann Rye said...

Just saw this now Aprille, thank you for those nice comments!! I hope you're well, congrats on your latest achievement (boomer of the year award)! Nice one!

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