Saturday, March 7, 2009

I’m deeply passionate about writing books, articles, etc., and creating music – I have been for as long as I can remember.
Well, perhaps because for me these activities represent the ultimate in freedom and self-expression.
Freedom and self-expression are essential to me.
Because of this, I suppose, I tend to think that this is the same for most people…

So I have another deep passion; I absolutely LOVE helping people come to a place where they can feel totally free and able to express themselves fully as well, doing whatever THEY feel passionate about!
Well, these are the kind of things that we will be discussing on this blog.
If you find yourself recognizing an urge like mine, or perhaps you see yourself as part of what I’m about to describe; this blog is for you.

I help other coaches, teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, business owners find and nurture their own voice so that they can speak with joy, ease, confidence, passion and authenticity - and I teach them how to empower their physical voice, so that they can avoid voice fatigue, and become even more inspiring and dynamic communicators.

My approach is clearly holistic in nature, working with the whole person, bringing out the true, unique and powerful voice that resides within all of us.
It is in this voice that we find the gift of self-expression and fulfillment in the highest sense and in this voice that we are able to offer true value, service and contribution to the lives of others.

Ask your questions and share your experiences, doubts, fears, good advice, exciting links and news.
We, Tara Majumdar and yours truly, Suzann Rye, are looking forward to sharing with you!